Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can ingesting morning glory seeds make you sick?

They can, if you don't use them properly.

I took them once, about a month ago. It was an amazing experience.

First off, find seeds from a company by the name of Plantation Products - their seeds are commonly found in any store with a gardening section; Wal-Mart, Meijers, etc.

They don't treat their seeds with chemicals, so you won't be poisoned or anything.

Now, when consuming them, the best route to go is grinding them up with an herb or salt grinder, and eating them. I put mine on a pizza. If you mix them with something that has flavor, you hardly notice them. They don't have a distinct taste. Just an extra crunch.

If you have experience with psychedelics, you might want to try around 400 seeds. If not, try starting out with 200. You'll still get a pretty good trip. I myself ate 500 seeds, and found this to be about the equivalent of 2 strong hits of LSD. It was very unexpected and made for quite the experience.

To prevent nausea, which is a common side-effect of eating the seeds, smoke a bowl of cannabis. Following the oral consumption of the seeds, I felt a little nauseous myself. Then I smoked a bowl of cannabis and felt fine.

However; after several hours of strong hallucinations and other trippy side-effects, I did run into some problems. I got extremely hot and sweaty and experienced shortness of breath. I had to run outside to level myself out a bit. Felt fine after getting 5 minutes of fresh air. But... an hour or so later, I felt very sick. Looking at myself in the mirror was a bit scary - bloodshot eyes, VERY dilated pupils, pale face. I looked sick. And then I felt sick. I couldn't stand up or do anything really. However, I was in a very bad setting at this time. I suggest you be in a place where you can lay down and trip. If I hadn't been inside a run-down inner city store with my mother, I would probably have been fine. Anyway, this lasted about an hour. Once we left the store, I felt perfectly fine.

Setting is VERY important.

If you're curious about hearing more of my experience you can read it here:


If you do decide to eat them, enjoy your trip! But take my advice.

Can ingesting morning glory seeds make you sick?
Yes, especially if you have purchased them from a seed supplier. They are often coated with a chemical that makes them inedible. I forget the what the purpose of the chemical is (maybe an insecticide). There are suppliers who do not use this chemical, but I don't know off hand who they are.

I would suggest checking out www.erowid.org 's listing for morning glory seeds. They may offer suppliers and suggestions for preparation of the seeds for entheogenic use.
Reply:yes. However, you can extract the active ingredients and avoid most of the bad stuff. For the most part, the bad stuff is non-polar soluble, and the good stuff is polar soluble, so, you can grind them, soak them in Naphtha for a day or two, then filter them, and let the Naphtha evaporate (don't use heat for this, too much heat will destroy the LSA, your best bet is to spread them out on a pan or something like that and set up a fan to blow over it). Once the powder material doesn't smell like Naphtha AT ALL (very important) soak it in water for a couple days, then filter it, but keep the water and drink that.

I'm not endorsing this, as LSA is a schedule III substance, and performing a semi-extraction could be considered illegal. It's strictly for science ;-)
Reply:I don't know if they make you sick. I do know that for what your looking to use the seeds for you can only use a certain type of blue morning glory and from what I understand it tastes like crap.

Bwians got the best idea!

I tried that Anarchist Cookbook during college too.

And yes they can make you sick.

Save yourself the danger and hassle and find someone reliable with shrooms.
Reply:chew them well in your mouth and let them sit under your tounge. chemicals absorb better that way and you can spit them out after a while so you dont get sick...

but that wont help you with the mental aspects...
Reply:No, and it won't grow in there either. Not enough sun. Morning glory's need at least part sun to full sun.
Reply:yes and they can cause hallucinations, the incas used to swear by them!
Reply:Yes just go for the mushrooms or peyote.

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