Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do morning glory seeds really get you high?

I have heard and even researched that they possess LSA a hallucinogen 1/10 the strength of LSD. Although I am not very inclined to believe this to be true, how easy could a high like this be? To test this theory I have researched that you must grind up the seeds and place them in a tea or any type of drink. I have already gridded up seeds with a coffee grinder and ingested upward to 300 seeds. Am I in for a fun time? Or is the re some unspoken step to this procedure?

Do morning glory seeds really get you high?
Yes mainly the seeds contain LSA.

Please people do not answer these types of questions with your opinions about 'doing drugs' if you are clearly against them, please have an open mond and don't think just cos you don't 'do drugs' that it is morally wrong for others to. Are they hurting you......NO so shut up. (sorry for rant it annoys me)

We live in a society where these things are gouing to happen, people are going to experiment. It is best that if you answer you give as true and clear information as possible and don't just state your opinion, you will start sounding like Bush and his 'war on drugs' and then you really would sound daft, like those who have posted useless information already.

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Reply:Yes but it is full of nasty muck, notably Ergotamine, which will do you no good at all, (look it up). Also, when they say "one tenth the strength of LSD", that is a meaningless figure, because the effect of the Lysergic Acid (LA) is not qualitatively the same as the LSD effect.

It would be a lot safer for you to go pick some funny mushrooms instead.
Reply:Well, so does butt hash if you would like to try it, it WILL make you halucinate, and is very easy to make, all you have to do is deficate and urinate in a bottle, put a balloon over the top, let it sit out in the hot sun until the balloon is filled with gasses, then take off the balloon and inhale, good luck with that, its all the same stuff, if you intend on frying your brain anyhow, you may as well.
Reply:yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! im tripin on them right now so absolutely yes ive been using them for 5 years there safe if u pick them ur self but if u buy them be careful uselly coated in a mild poison and will give u severe nausia but the will not kill you...
Reply:I think you are in for diahhrea. Have fun; bring a magazine.
Reply:in a way yes. they make you feel giddy, but not as long as any other kind of drug.

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