Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do enough morning glory seeds make you hallucinate?

its like acid i heard,

Do enough morning glory seeds make you hallucinate?
Yes, some species can induce hallucinations. However, there are risk involved. Over indulgence can cause renal failure among other problems. If you want to "get off" there are other bontanicals that are much safer and have fewer risks involved. I wouldn't suggest trying them.
Reply:Absolutely yes. They do. But a weird, kind of cRaZy hallucination. My brother says a guy on the TV was talking to him and yes, he did talk back.
Reply:They certainly do.

check out Erowid for how to's etc.
Reply:I tried eating morning glory seeds many years ago. I bought packets and packets of them and tried to eat them but they were unswallowable. I bought a bag of marshmallows and shoved spoonfuls of seeds into the center of the marshmallows and ate them that way - washing them down with cheap chianti. Eventually the marshmallows and tanic red wine made me feel sick to my stomach and I had to quit.

I never got a lick of high.

Don't bother.

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