Monday, May 17, 2010

Can you smoke heavenly blue morning glory seeds?

what is it like. i dont have a lot. just one package.. just wondering what it will do!

Can you smoke heavenly blue morning glory seeds?
I would think not. It's not even that wise to smoke tobacco... smoking anything else is a pretty bad idea. There are a lot of chemical compounds in things that can seriously screw with your body.
Reply:Never screw around with your brain .

Think you got problems now ?

Screw up your brain and it will stay that way for life.
Reply:I had a cousin who did this, thinking they would get high. Aparently (only word of mouth however) the ones you buy in the stores are coated in a poisen to prevent people from doing this. He got really sick then ended up in the hospital thinking his mom was his girlfriend.

So... don't do it.

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